Upholstery for Hotel and Restaurant

contemporary sofa in moderen setting

You own a space that welcomes daily customers, your constant concern is to differentiate yourself to create your own brand image: the layout and maintenance of your reception areas, hotels and restaurants is a crucial need or even a pivotal element.


At GLM upholstery: Let's get the atmosphere of your RECEPTION ROOMs and define together the right concept

The appearance of your waiting rooms and reception shutters are starting to age and lose their charm, GLM upholstery accompanies you and offers a high-end upholstery service with almost endless possibilities. Rejuvenating and harmonizing your reception areas is now possible with our GLM Upholstery service. All you need to know about hotels furniture upholstery, Our experts will be at your disposal the moment you deem appropriate to rekindle the charm of your reception space by restoring the former glory. Do not hesitate to seize the opportunity to seize our know-how built on solid bases. Opt for us to enjoy our service at the same time economic, adorable and fast. Just contact us to serve you as soon as possible.

Permanently wipe the image of YOUR HOTEL: it reveals a lot about you

Your hotel furniture stands out as an essential part of the customer loyalty and satisfaction process. Maintaining your hotels will always start with an upgrade of your furniture. You then only have to rethink the appearance of your hotel furniture in order to bring out a corner of identity.

All you have to do is contact the experts of our GLM Padding brand. Our one and only objective is to accompany you from conception to realization in order to redraw your spaces and make them more functional, comfortable and aesthetic. Your furniture is at the heart of our major concerns and we attach particular care to provide a relaxing environment for your customers.

Hotels furniture upholstery is our passion.


With GLM upholstery: you give YOUR RESTAURANTS a fresh breath of freshness

Your chairs and benches for restaurants, cafes or fast food were, for one reason or another, stained torn and damaged, At GLM Hotels furniture upholstery, you save expensive expenses and gives life to your restaurant by resurfacing their beauty deteriorated by the time . Indeed, winning the bet to retain your customers and conquer other markets depends essentially on the state of your furniture.
Whether you are on the lookout for a radical change or you just want to make repairs to renovate your chairs, trust us and entrust us with your property, we will implement only the techniques that have been proven to give your objects the values that represent the nobility of your company And the originality of your values in the eyes of your customers.


Please feel free to contact us with all your concerns and let us show you what excellence means. You may also send us your photos and we will contact you for a quote with  no obligation from your part.


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