Equipment Upoholstery


As a result of improper handling or a variety of environmental conditions, your equipment, living room and many more of your wooden items are damaged. However, it is not necessary to put these valuables in the trash, because it is possible to repair them.



At GLM upholstery, our 28 years of experience have allowed us to build good relationships with our partners. Our quality of work being irreproachable, it was necessary that our quality of product is also. We chose the best fabric suppliers in the city such as, Joann Fabrics, Kravet Fabrics, Avant-Garde Fabrics, Charlote Fabrics, to name just those. Contact us today to stuff your favorite piece of furniture with the best fabric quality. Wood furniture repair is our passion!


Cleverly repair your boat and make big savings

Preventing your boat from breaking down by keeping it in a maintained condition is crucial to its longevity. If you have noticed the beginning of wear and tear on the upholstery of your boat, you should absolutely repair it or its replacement by another.
When it comes to the appearance of your marine boat, never settle for a temporary and mediocre repair solution. At GLM Upholstery you will necessarily find teams of experienced experts in the field to provide you with a padding of high caliber. We will be happy to restore your boat by bringing it back to life. Our entire commitment and dedication to your projects has allowed us to stand out from the fierce competition by providing you with the service of excellence that you deserve. When working with GLM Padding, your boat is in good hands, we give it our full attention by meticulously repairing it. Take care of your boat and contact us to get your quote in the best conditions. Like we already said, Wood furniture repair is our passion!


Thanks to our services, you will be able to perpetuate the state of your wooden pieces

With these wooden furniture, which are transmitted from generation to generation and which resist the storms of constraints, it is essential to provide repair and finishing care. Leader in the finishing of wooden objects, our company GLM upholstery
includes all the priority tips to know exactly what to do to make your wooden objects both beautiful to see and new.
With tremendous respect and in-depth expertise, we process a wide range of wooden pieces ranging from small sofas and spread over the finishing and maintenance of large complete sets for your dining rooms. Our qualified experts ensure that their contribution is unique and exceptional in order to repair and refine your wooden furniture with original materials.
Focusing on the texture, the synergy of colors, the waterproofness and the glazing of your wood, Rembourrage GLM deploys all its efforts in order to satisfy you and to go beyond your expectations.
Opt for your well-being by seeking service GLM upholstery that keeps the authenticity of your wood by giving it its original luster, just contact us to make you dazzled by what we can do for you.


Please feel free to contact us with all your concerns and let us show you what excellence means. You may also send us your photos and we will contact you for a quote with  no obligation from your part.


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