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Enjoying more than 28 years in the field, GLM Upholstery gives a second life to your furniture and radiates your homes. Rallying aesthetics and efficiency, we offer a multitude of services while amalgamating history and originality. Upholstery GLM accompanies you in the design of the supporting structure, recommends how the textile will be placed on the structure, recap and repair your sofa ,armchairs and your chairs. We have an armada of experts who are at your disposal and offers innovative solutions to pad, re-paint and upgrade your old supply. Feel free to contact us…
Over the years, the company has been able to gain unprecedented renown given its know-how and its level of service of the highest caliber. This step-by-step process helped us achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers, who are constantly growing more and more.
You are welcome to the services of Upholstery GLM which offers you new services and customized to your needs thus covering the residential, commercial and industrial field. With a refined choice of fabrics, our brand promises you a dazzling restoration of your antique furniture, the stripping and dyeing of your furniture, and the upgrade of your supply.
Members of GLM Upholstery will be happy to share their perfect knowledge of the field, enrich your knowledge and enlighten your decisions in order to achieve the style you want to equip your stuffed objects. Upholstery GLM continues to develop its skills in order to conquer new markets and meet the needs of its growing clientele. Thus, we strive for excellence while imposing ourselves as a leader and reference in the sector.
If you have ancient objects that hold the memories of the good old days and which you can not do without, just let us know your recommendations to bring you the magic solution and work hard to get you back. objects that are valuable to you while ensuring a perfect preservation of their originality.
In all finesse, our GLM upholstery service has the potential to get you out of the Masterpieces from your furnishing pieces that seem already outdated or even obsolete.
By opting for GLM Upholstery, you’ll get unparalleled service with a wide variety of privileges and a better value for money. You will certainly not need to spend huge amounts of money to give your room a new look. You will find yourself amazed if you are told that you have all the necessary assets to refresh your worn sofas and give them a look that is both attractive and comfortable.
Whether sofa, sofas, antique furniture or large reception areas, upholstery is our area of expertise and excellence. Then entrust to us the objects that are precious to you and we will never disappoint you.
You are an individual or a company and you want your living room to be more comfortable while ensuring its perfect integration into the atmosphere of your space, make us a blind trust and you will not regret it. Our professionals will be at your disposal and will provide you with the necessary assistance by committing to offer you the best possible service.


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